When will transfers open again?

Has the schedule for the next round of transfers been released?

Probably after woc 4. Seems that is the trend they are following.

Was hoping that wasn’t going to be the case but that would make sense.

I definitely feel that. They should keep transfers open within waves. They would make alot of money that way, even if they were only single player transfers. Plus recruiting would be much easier.

I dont know ask Dz, apparently he granted a couple people to transfer even though transfers are locked.


That’s for the privileged few, not the masses. Flush bank accounts and all that.


I heard they will open up sometime after yesterday.

Depends on who you know

Not strictly true. I know some f2p he moved

Most likely be more factions fleeing wave 1A and going to 1B.
By Xmas 1A will be made up of the top ten facs in the game and no one else.
At least that fixes the matchmaking issue during wars.

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