When will token wheels be getting an update?

Whens the 5character token wheel getting an update?
Whens the 4
weapon token wheel getting an update?
When the prestige token wheel getting an update?

This is getting a bump every day till its answered, thanks


For what it’s worth, one of the devs stated in another thread that wheel updates are ready to go out with the next game update. So the question is, when is the next game version update?

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Link please sir

Ugh. That takes work… Lol

Give me a few and I’ll try to find it.


I appreciate you

No problem at all. Now, the waiting game commences…

What the absolute hell is stated in that quote?

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Pretty simple.

They are going to be adding 40-50 to both of the 4 and 5-stars and around 20 3 stars back into the game and this should include all the ones needed to complete the museum collections on the next update to the game.

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So why couldn’t they say it like that? Got to love taking a hundred words to say what could be said in thirty.

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Will there be an update for the prestige token wheel?


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My last two drops:

Green Carl #3 from the Epic wheel.
Blue Yumiko #2 from the Prestige wheel.

When is the next update due? Can any official source at least give an estimate, days, weeks or centuries?


“Subject to change”

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Another valid question that apparently wont get a response from anyone at scopley. Its really frustrating when nothing of any importance ever gets answered .

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…/)3- sooo

I hope now that you edited my thread you will reply to it @kalishane


And while you wait for the new wheels enjoy a little cat ballet.

While we’re at it, add Lilith, Ulysses and the trait trainers to the Elite Item wheel