When will they tell us how much of a resounding failure Survivor’s Club is?

Because no one in my region seems to be a member of it anymore. Not even from the Top 3 factions.
Great job everyone, you caused one of the worst subscriptions in recent history to flop entirely <3


Looks like you are trying to get b.@nned lol they really get offended on these forums but yea not many people subbed to SC besides the people who really want Andrea or people who seem to not like money lol nothing in SC is worth it imo. Everyone i know, even whales canceled.


Bcs tho the hell want trash?

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as weird as it sounds i think when you click on the membership tab, youre actually looking at your own status, not theirs. i know a few thats subbed but when i click on it is says not active (or some bs.) just a theory. could be wrong.


Yeah I think all of my factions cancelled it too. Maybe 1-2 may have kept it. But from almost 20 wanting it… it’s a huge drop.

I doubt they will disclose that information…

Even Andrea isnt that great imo, her lead skill isnt gonna be used for defense, she has low hp but high attack, her rush is great imo, shes more of a pair with another shield and use for attacking and shield but not worth it imo

This kinda reminds me of the small-town republican saying 'the democrats must have cheated, no one in our entire town voted democrat but the democratic candidate for governor won the election"

You can’t assume what’s happening in your region represents what’s happening in the rest of the game. Much of the SC benefit is to new users in new regions. If no one is buying it because they don’t see the value, the price will drop, the benefits will go up, or it will be discontinued. Given that the majority of the effort is implementation and that’s a sunk cost, I’m personally hoping for a price drop.


LadyGeek back at it with dem hard facts!!! Keep it up girl!!


I, hoping they add gold to it 175 gold per day and I would buy it at 25 a month … if they don’t add gold it isn’t worth 10 per month imo


There was a poll somewhere on these forums in which about 10% people said they will not cancel the subscription. I don’t know how representative is the group of players gathered here but that number seems fine to me. The game was downloaded over a million times, right? Even if only quarter of these are still active, 10% of it means we are talking 600k income. Monthly. For pixels.

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Plenty of people kept it… Maybe not as much as they wanted but people kept it

Nobody in my region kept it lol …not even the spenders :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is not representative at all. You’re discounting non-English speakers, ‘casual’ spenders, and anyone else not on the forums. That’s why these polls mean nothing and why people get angry when Scopely does something due to feedback…people assume that these forums represent everyone.

And I’ll say it again, why do people say it like paying for ‘pixels’ is stupid? People pay for Netflix, console gaming, cable/internet subscriptions…you can argue about how much value you get vs others but saying paying for pixels is dumb is a silly argument.


I never said paying for pixels is stupid. What I meant was the company gets rewarded for little effort - pixels, code, you name it. When the work hours are all payed off it becomes really easy income. I don’t know their goals, but getting money for ctrl+c/ctrl+v is what I’d really like :smiley:

I’m not saying this forums are representative either. I said I don’t know how representative are they. And how I am discounting on non-english speakers and casual spenders? It’s not about nationality or spending level. It’s about the mindset of a player.

Even if the poll was very inaccurate, it is a sign that clearly a few percent of players will be subscribing. So when we take the percent and apply it to a whole player population it still means hundrets of thousands of dollars monthly.

What I meant to say is we shouldn’t go “haw haw you derped scopes” because it might be a succes for them after all.

Also I did not expect the spanish inquisition, sheesh :smiley:

I’m in a #1 faction, and no one is a member. Lol.

Remember when they buffed the 6* stats claiming it was due to player feedback? hmmmmm :thinking::thinking:

classy move. discredit the topic by making fun of it. typical scopely manner… they should really pay you :+1:


They never will, they will give it free to content creators, so they can make YouTube videos on how great it is and what you are missing out on.

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Actually, I was making an analogy to demonstrate that it’s not logical to argue “No one I know did this, so that must mean nobody at all did it”.

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If you think that’s true, it costs nothing to become a YouTube content creator, give it a try and see if you get anything free.

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