When will the region transfers be available again?

Im trying to reunite with my old faction members that play on another region. Is there any info on transfers and will there be any available soon?

I don’t see with a problem just locking the few regions that remain in TOC.

Do it scopes. let the other 99 % play

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Agree open up been long enough damn

When transfers open up again will they go back into lock down eventually, or was this just because of the TOC event?

Yes I agree

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“NyEzz Ai AGReE”

They were planned to open around the 5th of next month (pending changes) the region lock also isn’t about toc

So 5th of September?

Around then I believe yes. It was supposed to be 8 weeks and I think they closed on July 5th

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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