When will the inaccurate communications stop?

@JB.Scopely , maybe you want to do something about the accuracy of communications being delivered to the players.

You said that level ups until 18th Jan would contain test tubes:

Yet this morning they are right there in another level up.

Firstly, I am pleased that there is plenty given to complete the map. I didn’t need them but know others did. No issues with that.

But can you not see that some people will have bought teats tubes out of fear of not having enough?

So either there are errors plaguing the communications between you and Live Ops. Or Scopley were purposely deceiving players in order to encourage spending.

If it’s the former, maybe you want to get your employer to take action. If it is the latter I’m sure Google/Apple/Amazon will have something to say


I would like to think that it’s the latter but they have no shame about that because they’ve clearly been doing this for years.

got ya
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