When will the Horde Walkers event launch?

Do you think that it’s appearance in the roster of events once a month is too rare? Or the whole thing is that you have not yet come up with awards to it (like season 6 league character)? So think up. Or what are we paying you for?) (but not so garbage like League Earl pls)

Seriously, now would launch a seasonal event in which part of the criteria is tied to the event, which is launched once per month.

S’ry for bad english pls, but those attitude is really annoying.


Imo they should always have one every 2 or 3 weeks in general. Gives them plenty of time to rework if it is needed.

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Rework - is always fine (especially if we talks about Horde Walkers event, and it’s rewards), but they don’t speak anything about it ((
But it would be cool if the devs or assigneed persons kept us informed of the situation about it, or comment it somehow. Can u please, @JB.Scopely ? ( :

We need more Lucille’s - where is that goddamn event?

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Bet they will only do 1 Hordes in the whole pathways event, meaning that anyone flying/at a wedding/power outage/WiFi issues for a day/etc will be completely screwed over for the entire pathways.


Seems we got one next week but it’s only 24 hrs long.

Better get your cans ready!

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