When will the coin wheel be returning to normal?

You certainly took it out of context. You mentioned AMZN not I did, it’s the oh so holy law of your country which favors such practices and then, if people calling for change you will call them “damn socialists” and such. It‘s the greed and worshipping of the almighty dollar that keeps these law in its current state.

Companies, no matter how small should get the favorable 0 tax process when they build up a business and economical growth BUT when they start to make profit lets say more than that what they need to pay off employees and other costs this process of paying 0 taxes should stop! Period. By the way, you already live in a oligarchy by definition in the U.S.!

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Yea but we needed a separation of church and state, cant tax emm and have that also. Solution? Abolish religions :fist:

Sad but true. We need our yellow vests.

Its back to normal

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