When will the coin wheel be returning to normal?

I bought a token to pull yesterday but was unaware of the temporary change, it sucks. Why has it taken so long?

It’s crazy it used to be 1 skull token for 1 pull on the coin wheel but now it’s 1000 for 1 pull which doesn’t make sense since the soldier of fortune event doesn’t even give any where near that amount out. So whys it changed from 1 to needing 1000 skull tokens? I don’t even think you would even be able to buy that many either

It will be changed back.

The honest answer, is it will change back when they have worked out how to plug their own loophole, and then what they are going to do about those who exploited said loophole.

But it will be back to 1 eventually.


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I understand why the wheel was changed, but when will it be changed back? I did not “exploit” anything, and have 4 legitimate skull tokens, earned the right way and I want to take a shot at Diego, so…

Change it back, please.


I thought it was supposed to be changed back last night. My faction earned our tokens through grinding and would like to cash in our tokens.

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In about 19 days or so :joy::joy:


Its cause of the opportunists

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According to the only post i have seen regarding this issue, it will be changed back yesterday lol.


Hopefully soon I still have 30 tokens that need to use

In tax… it’s called tax avoidance and available to anyone with the resources or training and the reason Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world pays 0 tax.

In this game, it’s called being an opportunist when players do it and an actionable offence.


With their track record that sounds about right :joy::joy::joy:

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We need to get people in office that will put these companies down and set emm striaght, all these companies are worried nowa days about the pitchforks coming and im here just saying well you keep on doing what you all are doing and those pitchforks gonna turn into chainsaws


You know, there is nothing wrong in paying 0 taxes when companies start to grow but when they make billions (or even millions) in profit it definitely has to stop.

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What’s taxes got to do with it lol

Like mega churches that pay no taxes yet the evangelist can afford a private jet & a million dollar home…


I take it you aren’t working for a company competing against a taxless Amazon. A wee bit of consolidation & hollowing out of most of retail


Look like event will be end and they can’t fix it .dam noobs

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Why did you take one part of my comment out of context? Did you even read the entire comment? I said: when companies start to grow but when they make billions (or even millions) in profit it definitely has to stop.

in essence, it’s taxpayers subsidizing the growth of a business that’s hollowing out the retail world. One very large business replacing (consolidating) most other businesses in that sector.

It’s similar to outsourcing manufacturing jobs overseas because it’s cheaper… Then wondering why there are no manufacturers left… Except your tax dollars have subsidized it.

Small businesses are the engines of the economy)