When will Scopely move away from Facebook?


After recent events and the #deletefacebook movement is beginning to grow, when will this company follow suit and move away from linking your account to facebook? There are other options besides FB out there, when will we get options?


Game centre I find it great, saves all your data, one explain was sims FreePlay, I had it on my iPad years ago decided to have a look on my phone and all the information was there just to download because it was linked that way. But that’s just for Apple an example.


I agree. I contacted Scopely about this. If I delete my Facebook account, then my game becomes tied to my phone. If i get a new phone then I’m screwed? I don’t want to be required to use FB anymore.


Tweeted a profane comment at Zuckerberg a week ago. I’m thinking this outrage will blow over after the Zuckest apology tour.


This one needs some attention


Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention but before the latest Battlegrounds Mobile update, Facebook and guest (local save) was the only option. Now there’s an option for Twitter and Game Center account linking. Have to say, good move on them.