When will scopely fix territories?!?!

My main issue arises when attacking a territory and it becomes contested. It lets you attack then kicks you rebooting the game and wasting your energy. You load back up then the territory teams are already in battle so you can not attack again so you loose the contested territory.

It seems no matter how many times players report this to support they can not seem to find a fix. This problem has been ongoing for months.

Sort your damn game out!

They fixing it now lol

Months? To be frank I believe this has gone on since it was launched! So at least 2 years…

They havent fixed the issue with two different ip-adresses try to take the terry at the same time.
Need to close the connection the second first one press sattack.

Never not gunna happen

Priorities !!! We have some unhappy whales atm complaining about war scores

The short answer is never

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