When will s cards boxes be released from the war wheel?

Hello guys! Do you think that this garbarge wheel will change soon please? Since scopely included their choices box in the wheel i don’t have no motivation to play each war because i know that even if i earn 1000 war tokens there is nothing i want to spend them for… each war i am expecting some changes but nothing happen. S cards are always in the wheel again again and again.
Have you any informations about incoming changes ?


By end of the month apparently

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And be prepared for more disappointment. The game has become: The sadness


yes just wait till the new war wheel comes … whenever that is
my faction leader pulled 2 x … and believe it or not 2x the 50 card box

I find it hilarious that when a mistake gives the players the slightest advantage that crap is patched out asap but even when they agree to remove something like this stupid lame 50 card box it takes a month to get “fixed”.

Just pathetic.


Not to mention they announced it quite a while before release and it was pointed out to them. This is why their ‘tell us what you think’ posts are an absolute slap it the face and a joke. @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger


sclass card boxes are in the war wheel currently… if that answers your question lol

Yep this pretending to care what we think and then completely ignoring us is much worse than when they didn’t post this “tell us what you think” crap and simply just ignored us.

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Yep they just keep giving the player base crap and the finger, and yet the player base just keeps lining up for more

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I was thinking about this yesterday… there should be a timer on the war wheel as well.

Cool thank you ^^

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