When will RTS be ready for Android Pie? Problems with buttons and app scaling


since i have a new smartphone with android 9 i can’t play RTS without problems.

The Problem is, i can’t click on several Buttons in the game, especially in the Corners (e.g. the X in the right Corner). I Always have to click some milimeters next to the button (see red arrow on Image). If i click directly on the button, nothing happens.
If i start the game, i Can see two bars on the left and the Right (gren arrows). after loading the game the app gets streched and the game is Fullscreen. For me it Looks like the screen is getting streched but the functions and Buttons stay at the same position.

Answer by my phone manufacturer
Google changed the display frame work in Pie, and app developers would need to make sure their apps are coded properly (usually the app incorrectly assumes a fixed width of the status bar, which should be dynamic).

So when will RTS be ready for Android Pie (9)? @JB.Scopely

Thank you


Fix for buttons that is hard to click on Huawei android phones

I’ve had Android 9 on my phone since beta day 1 release and it is working fine. If your phone is a Samsung then there is a work around for all apps. Forget what it is but it’s not Android.
The only problem with sizing is the event icon it is overlapped a bit when level up icon is in screen, but that is iugo sloppy coding not Android.


Thanks for the heads up @HolGORE I passed it on to our client developers, to make additional compatibility tests and potential amendments.

Note that any steps we’d take to ensure a better compatibility with upcoming OS updates, whether on Android or Apple’s front, would require a new client update.


Got a huawei p20 lite with Android 8. Same problem here. Cant use the x button at all. Always have to use the back button.


You have to run the game in fullscreen und hide the bottonbar. (google helps, can’t remember how to make it. Sry)


Googled this already. i run it in fullscreen with hidden bottom bar. Doesnt work. I also have to touch a bit to the right of the buttons. I.e. the “i” on the chars in the team building screen.


Same issue on my Huawei P20… GUI scaling is way off.

Been so since i got the phone… Makes it more than difficult to navigate/play the game.


I was having screen issues after updating to Pie. A couple weeks ago, I received a OTA update which seems to have fixed it. Pixel 2 XL. Good luck


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