When will Pam be revert back to earn her original Xp value


@JB.Scopely, we were told she will revert back after the Pam gate. When will it going to happen? I really enjoy to use her on roadmap even before the Pam gate but the XP she earn right now is pretty awful.

If you guys can can nerf her within hours, it shouldn’t be hard to revert it back.


She was nuked, literally, two days after I pulled her. I was so happy with what she did in those special roadmaps. Faction chat was buzzing with members using her and we all put her up as faction helper, was fun times. Then in true Scopely fashion, like a bully who takes your ball and kicks it onto the roof, they made her useless.

As far as reverting her, that would show a player first attitude, so i agree…


Another goof by scopely that nerfs players toolkit.
It only goes one way


They’ll do it right after fixing 5* Audrey’s leader skill as she isn’t really a droper. It just takes tiiiime.


I got so tired of waiting I resigned from my faction’s Pam Squad and jumped ship to Kenny. And I was its founder!


I used her today…got 2 xp.



Probably around the same time I finally update the monthly subscription reward


He won’t answer you, I’ve tried that a while ago. Pam is one of the Scopely’s taboos now. Works as intended. Didn’t happened. Keep surviving.

Just treat her as ascendance fodder.


Pam now is useless :frowning_face:


#pamgate was the best gaming experience ever at rts. I miss that 2 days.


at the same time when they release f2p 6* shield


@JB.Scopely. We need a solution for Pam


@JB.Scopely. Can you just get back to us?


We’re currently working on a new formula for Roadmaps, allowing various collectibles, beyond the usual energy cost we had so far, to be used as the entry fee.

We want to freshen up the experience in Roadmaps, and propose a bigger variety down the line.
This is what motivated the recent changes in drop leaders, such as Pam.

I’m preparing a dedicated thread for this and will push it once I have all the related details gathered :slight_smile:


thank you :smiley:


@JB.Scopely you said “changes in drop leaders” - so does this mean gatherer Glen was also nerfed?


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