When will next existing toon be made ascendable?



Can you give us any idea? At this point we have had over a month worth of new 6* toons without an existing toon being made ascendable.

What gives? You folks made a post with a bunch of toons to be made ascendable by ‘early 2018’.

At this pace, ‘early 2018’ must mean October.


Probably 2022


Is it 2018? Jesus Christ man. Let them at least fuck up before complaining.


Look at the timelines and recent behavior.

They promised 12 toons to be released by early 2018. In over a month, there has been 1 (Siddiq).

That leaves 11 more… and by the current velocity, it will take them 11 more months which certainly isn’t ‘early 2018’.

Can you seriously not see why people get frustrated? We are getting multiple new PR 6s before any existing toons become ascendable… despite the initial statement that every 5 would end up being ascendable and that you wouldn’t be able to pull 6*s.

All of those P12s and 13s that spent a fortune for the first two years of the game now have a virtually worthless backlog of toons.


I guess I’m in the camp that doesn’t give a fuck. But remember early 2018. Is through March. That’s a lot of promos.


And we all love promos


Tomorrow they launch another “Ascendable”, I promise you

p.s: I said tomorrow, not today


But since tomorrow ill be today when it happens, will it still be tomorrow?


Is tomorrow same in every timezone or in some it is few months later?


saddy seems only 1 or 2 toons per month that already exist will see their ascendables, lets deal with it i mean i was at first like "i have 70+ 5¨* and eveyone of them will have their 6* and im happy¨ cuz as a FTP will dont have to spend and several of those 70+ 5* some at least must be good as 6*, but lets face the truth, they give us a list of next in line said “early 2018” so at most we will se 1 o 2 6* for FTP since now on, but will see 5-8 new shine 6* at premier recruits.

So lets accept it as it is, everything has return at it was, you can afford doing pulls at premier recruits, you will rule the world, and the rest of us just will have to remain competitive while we can with our carls teams (shivas, free zekes and shieldshones) and miraboobs teams (boobs, tys, yumikos, abes)


I said the same thing when it started, they are again on the run with multiple skill toons (add attack, defense, give ebola, heal ebola etc) from premiere and soon there will be super-leader skill (current have 2 traits, expect next one with 3 - huge ar, 60% def, 60% attack). This sudden halt on moving up with already created 5*s is definitely on purpose, I’m sure they worked on ascendable counterparts for old toons.


Supposedly this Friday. Top prize will be new ascendable 5*.


I expect something for Christmas.