When will next event start?

What will next event be? Any ideas?

Probably a collection event. Lucky bastards who already own the character will get their hands on some upgrade gears while I’ll be busting all hours to get my hands on the character. But I hope it’s another stash. All those free trainers could provide me enough supply markers to get a new ascendable epic on sale. Goodness knows the tokens won’t do anything for me so I’ll save them for food. And it’ll most likely start next month, or some time before like RTP.


If it’s an event with a new character I’m all for it!! Could always use another 6* in my life.


It’s a bit of a pain-in-the-ass though. I appreciate Scopely giving out free ascendables so I can catch up to the competition. But obtaining fodder can be a hassle, especially if you are use to still having epics around. Salute to those who restrain themselves and stock up their tokens for fodder. My hope is that we get a ranged toon this time. Preferably a Tough one as well.

Would prefer another red toon. I have enough blue already that I don’t use. They have yet to release a red like they released Maggie. So far it’s been
Yellow Zeke
Blue dwight
Green Wyatt
Yellow Vincent
Yellow Maggie
Yellow Rick


Honestly, you could include red Mira on that list. She was incredibly common during that one event. I got 3 in that event.


Ya the wheel pulls for her were very high

I got like 4-5 from that wheel. 7 total so far.

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I got 4 from that wheel, 4 total so far lol

I bet that there’s at least one poor bastard reading this and feeling salty cause he couldn’t get Mira

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