When will new regions open for transfer? Dillon / Mccormick / Abbeville

@JB.Scopely Is there an updated list of upcoming regions preparing for outbound/inbound? Also, when will the new regions like Dillon, Mccormick, Abbeville be available for transfer? The 3 english regions had about 3 CRWs.

Hopefully not too soon. I play in Abbeville and activity there is pretty high. There is no need to allow others (people from more advanced regions) in. I dont see what good would it make for region to allow other whale factions and people in.

I recall JB saying more regions will open by season 2 of league. Not sure if ita suring or when s2 starts.

You’d think they would announce the new regions being opened this weekend since Season 2 starts Monday. Kinda lame for those people waiting to move to not be given any notice before the season starts.

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I hope they leave the new regions as they are. We already have one whale team in our region and it is frustrating enough to fight against and they are able to mostly control the worthwhile territories. Other teams coming in would make the region a lot worse.

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I have real life friends in abbeville and dillon, i really hope the region transfer happens for the above 3.

They’ve said before they aren’t opening regions younger than a year for the reasons you’ve stated

How old are they? Mine is over a year and a half old and it still isn’t open yet.

Mccormick is only working on about 4 months give or take so not for a while.

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