When will FA sweaters rewards stop?

Has anyone seen any info yet when the sweaters rewards will stop. I’ve seen guesses at 7p est Today, Sun 1/6 but no confirmation

@JB.Scopely when?

Check the collections. Time expires tomorrow.

Like every other event, it’ll end with 24 hours left on the museum collection

I know event ends tomorrow and I expect rewards will end 24hrs before but I want confirmation and not assumption as Scopley has done some odd things

Someone from scopely will give you the answer you’re looking for before the event ends. It is certain.

Poor form from Scopley. When do jumpers stop being rewards? If we start an FA with jumpers before the “end” do we still get jumpers if we complete afterwards?

Just some basic fücking communication would go a long way…

I was just wondering the same thing. If we start an FÃ today but finish it tomorrow, do we get sweaters. @JB.Scopely

Definitely won’t get information today. It’s Sunday and no admins are here on Sundays.

Were you in the middle of an assault?

thats ■■■■■■■ gay :rage:

have no fear, im sure you will be able to buy some!

My faction is in the middle of an assault and they are gone.

I retract my statement,thanks for pointing it out,was too mad to read



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