When will Albert answer our questions about his letter


We’ll try to stay on point this time…cant promise but we’ll try


Early 2… never mind. He won’t aswer a damn thing.


Never, Albert hates us now


Even without answers it shouldn’t ever have been closed.

Closing that was a real b!tch move


When do you think?

  • Never
  • Never Ever

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I think he is still looking for right words guys, Webster’s dictionary is really big book and some are slow readers so…


Just to keep all that great info in the original thread referenced


I would like Albert to comment. Thanks!


I am sure he will give us well deserved comment. Soon. Maybe early this year (which can be differently interpreted, like December next year, semantics is tough).


He won’t answer. Pretty obvious that the letter was just damage control due to the outrage over the first CRW. I was always skeptical but it was amusing that so many folks on the old forums bought that letter hook, line, and sinker.


Well it was great move, many went to bed with wild dreams and many are still swallowing all new stuff - which is great. Thickens the skin.


Soooooon of course


I bet he’s crafting his reply right now, with new promises that tantalize the mind and eye only to disappoint and anger when none are honored.


He has great experience in that area, I am sure he won’t disappoint with disappointment.


I just like returning to the phrase “player first attitude”

Still waiting for that to kick in…


It will kick in. Soon.


I believe that idea is so completely foreign in that building that they believe they have delivered a player first approach and atmosphere to not just RTS, but all of their games. Ignorance is bliss I take it.


fk it all. Im out.


Should be an option of almost never ever :+1: