When we will got a real Strong Leader 6* ?!


Yes, can we have a great strong leader with 40% atk and Huge AP bonus when attacking…

Blue have, Red Have, Yellow HAVE, but… green are alone in the dark :frowning:


It’ll show up in premier eventually just wait


I know, but we are seeing plenty of strong new useless toons and are waiting for a great leader :frowning:


Mirabelle has one for greens. Which is a good one in my opinion. But yeahhhh there should be a 40 atk and huge ap. But knowing scopely by now I believe it’s gonna be a premier.


It shouldn’t have to be, but yeah, you’re probably right. There’s like a million 5*s with 30% attack and very large bonus to ap when attacking leaderskills they can use to fill that gap.


Just make Knox a leader instead of Neuter specialist.

It would be semi free, some have him already, but still alot who dont have him so Scopely can cash in a little. Win/win :slight_smile:


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