When was the last time


When was the last time we had a territory event?
So many solo level up’s and I honestly can’t remember the the last event in territories.


This year, still. I remember it happening in the middle of the year, if not two months ealier. Good times were these.


1 month after open territory


Some regions have never had them, and with how buggy and exploitable territories can be, it’s probably better that they don’t.


ya… I guess my expectations are to high.
bug fix’s and exploits corrected :confused:


oh… and why does my game reboot at least once everytime I go in to burn my 10 attacks?


Territory event was good event? First time I heard of such description, mostly it was coin fiesta and whale food, without even actual possibility to compete in it (beside bugs and exploit with holding out last hit with spare faction etc)


Please don’t have a territory event! Sounds more boring than a solo lvlup


The current padlocked ones could be opened up to give asscendance medals


terrotory event is so stupid because only last hour counts


They had other events that weren’t rank based And had the locked buildings dropimg something think was wheel related not 100% sure as was soooooo long ago


When was the last time you did something for the first time


Was during the cuff and helmet token event.


They should have done it within this event 1 robot dropped Ann hour then at least could have had a shot of the out of 25 museum completed collection since instead of the 1