When was #Pu founded?

I just want to count up all the days they’ve done nothing while claiming to do so much.

The #Pu wanted to say:



It was founded in 1979, when upon playing Space Invaders, I was killed by an alien’s laser beam, despite me totally moving out of the way in time. I thought to myself ‘This is bs’. When the machine had the audacity to ask me for 50p to continue my game, I thought to myself ‘This is even bigger bs’. I was bang on for a high score and it was disgusting that it’s little 8-bit mask slipped right off to reveal an aggressive P2W structure lurking under the bleeps and bloops and allurement to inner heroism in the event of an overwhelming extraterrestrial invasion of Planet Earth, like a greedy crocodile. At that moment I had a calling to join and unite the 15 other enslaved gamers across the world, against the nefarious practices of broken game monetisation and companies who’s revenue streams can only be described as contemporary stagecoach robbery. And there formed, was PlayersUnited.

When the violent football hooliganism of the 1980s emerged the name attracted several working class delinquents and after a spate of shop windows being smashed and 2 broken arms, all because Pac-Man took a wrong turn into a dead-end (because of broken controls of course), we became PlayersTogether to avoid confusion and attracting the wrong crowd. Nevertheless, back in the 1990s, we became PlayersUnited again. And here we are still today.

And I didn’t pay the 50p to continue I’m F2P *Flashes F2P pass*


It not #pu … Its really them self United

This isnt a Clown Show this post is the whole circus

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Dont cry pu bunch of clowns to .


Show me on the doll where PU touched you

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P.S. Picard is eyeing John Adams at the end, there. :joy:

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Let’s count up all your useless posts crying about nonsense instead

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