When they add monica to elite tokens

Dab on all those 1st place factions

No gifs? Lame.

Y? They had 6+ months of exclusivity. A few. Months of those is when she was an amazing addition to a team. What makes you think their should be lifetime rights to a toon that is now out of date?


Tbh Monica is one of few war prizes that still has use post 6* others being Antonio and Erin.

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Am I not allowed to collect ffs fine let’s go hsve boring ascendble only wheel and removey save Allen from world stage smh presides dabbing on all those first place factions who spent there cans to get her and now insulted because look who’s in the wheel now
Of course collectors not allowed to collect an must follow I must stay in meta players

So only players in the top faction should be collectors?

Spread the love and get over it.

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Why didn’t you fight an entire weekend to get her ? Was it too difficult or something like that ?

Yeah I’m now quite confused as the leading post does not in my opinion exhibit excitement over her in the wheel… But then the response… I just don’t know.

Meh doesn’t matter


I wasn’t in the top guild at the time. I’m also not a whale so I couldn’t really compete against the then-current 5 star meta, which if you’ll remember was HEAVILY geared towards paying players, even moreso than it is now.