When there is nothing prestigious about prestige

Unfortunately crossover to the 12th level of disappointment to find more ‘prestige’ scavenger mission clogging up the queue (2-3 additional).

I mean seriously? Overhaul this to be more worthwhile. Fix your legacy features.

@Agrajag any progress on a better system or we just stuck with shitty cooldowns for ever?


7 day scav missions which tie up 5 chars for 1 AR level up are stupid and not worthwhile. Same with 2 day 100k wood missions, literally the only scav missions worth doing are the XP ones. Everything else is worthless.


sometimes world energy cans drop too
and coins
and 450 5* tokens when you’re at prestige 10 or 11 - don’t remember

that being said everything else is unfortunately not worth the effort

Yeah i really only do the random scavs that take up chars for the possibility of bonus, 450 5*'s for 5 days and loss of 5 toons for a week isn’t worth it either. I get plenty of 5* tokens from the plethora of shitty events that are constantly wasting my time(this games my stupid addiction i love to hate). I’d love it more if it was more war centrist with blitz/weekend wars(and prizes that are worth the time effort, which hasn’t happened since well before 6* release) happening more but instead we get lvl up after lvl up with a token amount of 5* tokens and 2-3 5* pulls a week.

there was once a topic here regarding event prizes - peeps agreed on 5* tokens as the best award instead of 5* toons

the only events my faction succeeded are Faction Raids
top3 winners in every other faction event were constantly the same factions

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To be fair. It was a chance at pulling an ascendable 5s is better than a guaranteed non-ascendable 5s.

Nothing inspiring.

I wholeheartedly agree, i play way to many different variations of the game, FA, Survival Road, etc to tie up as many as 5 characters for 5 to 7 days, for what? An AR or a radio? 7 days?? For a week i can’t use these characters, it makes no sense… i mean i play the game alli the time, it needs to be shorter times like hours, and who wants to wait 2 days for wood? Wood! The most abundant resource in the whole game, it could be at least food. That i would understand… the whole system needs to be revamped and updated to match the 6s era