When opening the game after update

It pops up with this
What does it mean?

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@Someloser Could you update your game to the latest version and see if this fix your issue?


also having things like this and on latest update for android

I’m on latest beta update and get that one shown above, plus a couple other versions.

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Oh, just got another version when I opened now. I almost want to laugh at this point…

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I’ve had the same pop ups, have since beta testing began lol

Latest update
Not in beta or anything to do with it
Game still loads

Could you leave Beta and update your game to the latest version that is now available?


Do you mean “leave beta” as in stop being a beta tester through the play store? Or leave the beta region? Because I’m not in beta region and haven’t entered it in more than a month. The blank pop ups are happening in my main region.

Leave beta through the play store and make sure to run the latest version available.


I just want to verify first that doing that won’t cause the data compatibility error? I always thought they said don’t leave beta during updates before.

not in, nor ever have been in beta, running latest update and still getting these screens.

Please try the following:

  • Force close game
  • Clear cache
  • Clear Google play cache
  • Check for any game update
  • Update if one is available


Just happened to me too after updating the game. I’m not on Beta. Is it a concern?

Me too on Android. I am not on beta either and experienced that multiple time. And I also noticed the game crash a lot more on here and there without any particular reason. Have u guys really QA it before you release it to the public???

Yay more pop up messages

I updated the game, and there wasn’t any change.

Wow… Can’t even put out updates without screwing something up :man_facepalming: Hope you guys can get it sorted.


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