When level cap is increased


When they increase the level cap the the “MANO Y MANO” missions better be retroactive or there will be even more pissed off players.


they said its in the works, so maybe next or 2 updates from now


When? Post the quote from a scopely employee.

They won’t. That’s XP being flushed down the toilet. Were always going to be pissed off. They never take players wishes into account. They steamroll ahead with their agenda and we keep putting up with it.


i saw a pic and didnt save it, ill post it if i find it


More proof then they don’t care about older players.


JB mentioned it somewhere


Cool. Thanks for the link. Figures they would redo the missions know we would waste all the bonus XP and then afterward when it’s all gone raise the level cap. They can’t plan out anything.

Hey scopely! These are things you tie in together. Thanks for making us waste all that XP.


I need the XP… Maybe others don’t, but I do.


Well obviously if you’re under 125 then sure its great. All the vets have been 125 for a long time. You can’t possibly argue that releasing the new missions along with the level cap increase wouldn’t have been better for everyone.


Fair enough.
Maybe you vets should’ve received gold or something.


Should have. Would have is a whole nother story.


Who cares about the lost xp anyway. I know that when they increase it I will be max level a looooomg time before they increase it again, a days worth of xp won’t change much.


Who knows if the rewards will be as good as 101-125 but if they are that’s one hell of a reason to be pissed about lost XP and for the simple reason of how badly they time everything.

If your gonna introduce new missions that offer XP and you are planning to raise the level cap release them together.


Did we forget about 3 year token gate already? That was catered to new players. Same way this is.


I mean Anni mishap isn’t forgiven yet, but this really isn’t something to whine about. Just wait on collecting the missions for a while


Define “new.” I am Prestige 8, Level 40, and had the option to buy it, which, regrettably, I didn’t. So, it was probably only available for a certain period of time when Scopely had no idea about it.


Why keep completing the missions if you know you’re going to be wasting the xp? just keep the mission at complete and wait for the cap to increase


I never say this, “but STOP”, it is regrettable that us older players will miss out on the Xp from the raid rewards. But giving us higher levels will give us something to grind to. It’s a goal to work towards. Enjoy it, because I’m sure once many of reach it, the complaints will begin again in earnest for more levels. Sure it will take a little longer to get there since we missed the xp, but you’ll have more time to experience the climb to the next level cap.


Just don’t claim it, save it for the increase


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