When is there going to be a Daryl Dixon character?


I know it’s been asked a lot, but when is Daryl making an appearance in RTS? It would’ve been nice to see him as an ascendable for the 3rd anniversary event.


There won’t ever be. Daryl Dixon is owned by AMC which has zero to do with the Scopely or Skybound


He won’t. He isn’t in the comics


Well neither is Yvette, has more to do with copyright laws


there is Pocky and Matt too




The game is based on the comics. Daryl is not in the comics. 'Nuff said.


Neither is Yvette. Neither is flaming knives or alpha with a chainsaw. Stop with the whole comic stuff. This game is long past anything with what’s in the comic. But Daryl is owned by AMC that’s all that matters


Owned yes but some of the toons look like the person from the show


It’s actually comics + RTS + TTG designs only.

Not sure if TTG is a special license or falls under the skybound comics licensing.


Yvette, Pocky, and Matt are all super fans that made their way in. The others are comic heavy. Daryl amd his brother were TV only and not licensed to skybound. There is another walking dead game what has Daryl in it though




Based on, at one point.
All these premiers aside from a few are Scopely originals.
Far passed the “comics only” thing.


Right but maybe we can get a Norman Reedus character lol.(Daryl Fan boy here)


I do believe i wrote “based on the comics” in my original reply :rofl:


They put him in this game

So for him to be in road to survival it would have to be as himself or another character.
Since AMC has the rights to the Daryl Dixon character.


TWD No Man’s Land is an official AMC game lmfao


It would have to be Norman Reedus himself if you want to bypass the AMC brand. Buut then you start getting into messy stuff like contracts, royalties, etc.


Have you ever read the comics? This is not the walking dead as in the series, this is a completely different the walking dead

In summary there are more posibilities for the bucket zombie from plants versus zombies to appear in the game before daryl does


I would like to see those bucket zombies tho. Lol