When is the update coming to Amazon?


Well, @kalishane When is the update coming to Amazon?


Your right still not there yet, someone mentioned it was hence my post edit to correct.


No it isn’t…


They are. Amazon Appstore severely lacks many games that Google Play Store has. MKX, Need For Speed (they got Most Wanted recently though), No Man’s Land, the list goes on. You could get GPS on the Fire but some aforementioned games can’t run properly or at all. And chances are, you can’t get them anyway because of the space everything the Kindle and preinstalled app takes.

Anyway, given the time it took to get the last update when I had the Amazon version, maybe a week or less.


I don’t have a fire. I have TWD RTS on the Amazon app store so I can save money with Amazon coins


Any word on this update?


I missed the survival road tournament and am missing war now.


Why not just roll out on all 3 platforms at once?




I decided to download it through Google play instead.


I am also back on Google play…still waiting for the Amazon Update.

I contacted Amazon Customer support and they told me that there is no problem on their side. They put the ball back to Scopely/Iugo.
Anyone from the US who contacted Amazon regarding the no - Update?

This really is sad.