When is the promise of ascendable war rewards going to come to pass?

We were told that following the patch before last, an ascendable war reward would be the next prize. When is this going to happen?


Just forget about it.

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Update’s here, and been here.

How many tokens and useless gear can the top factions expect to win?

Scopely can’t give us a new 6* for free. They gotta work on their new “meta.” Seems like this new meta means that only spending players can get new characters, and that the rest of us have to run either Mirabelle or Carl.


The one time I have given misinformation – I corrected it within 5 minutes. Which is being called “lying.” This is a forum, if we were in person I would’ve been reminded what I said was not possilbe, turned back to you and corrected myself.

Things are always subject to change. But I try my best to know what I can tell you is 100% true for obvious reasons.

That being said, we want to ideally have 5* ascendables as war prizes.

A lot is changing in the planning process.

We’re aiming for that, but it will take time.

I will always keep you updated.


Just to be clear, I’ve never said you were lying.

I don’t think you all understand that you’re running out of time…


It’s not in response to your post, but a post from someone who had a duplicate account who’s been banned previously, his IP is now banned.

I’m sorry! Was’t directed at you.


Time for us all to just accept nothing is going to get better.


Basically I guess scopely will never understand that only one faction out of 3 regions or out of 5 or even 2 gets 1st. They lose nothing putting out a prize like a 6☆ fact is that motivation would make them even more money. The spender won’t stop spending just because there winning 6☆ no apparently there never understand there own game and im very close to erasing my entire roster.GIFs2017103073727

I get it, I’d just rather not discussions of a user who’s been removed multiple times cloud up a thread and discussing something irrelevant to my question creates an appearance of accusation and insult that isn’t present here(haven’t read to see if the trolls have shown up yet). My words on the subject

That’s not your fault that you didn’t deliver, it’s not your job, but you got put into a position to say “this will happen” and it hasn’t.

I’m gonna talk to my faction to see if we want to invest the time and effort required for this event.

As a frame of reference, when Jackson was first place reward, we intentionally got 2nd. That was over a year ago. Bruce was a decent 1st place reward about two years ago. I’m sure you’re aware, but nobody is going to be happy with the rewards for this event, they’re pretty abysmal.


Can you explain the wild variance, and in most cases, complete degradation in prize quality since CRW made its return? Each war has offered worse prizes than the last.


They don’t care.

They don’t want us to play.

You, me, others have tried providing reasonable input and in the end, they make everything worse. What more needs to be said.

Enjoy your weekend. 50k milestone is all I see of value.

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I think Jackson is the new ascendable blue that u get with 4* and I’m guessing 2nd is blue Bruce not red since Spencer is also a blue

I feel like that’s worse, at least Bruce is a 45 AR neutralize toon

I was gonna post about this but kalishane already beat me, man just chill out, she is just a comunity manager not something like the game lord that what she says its done, im sure she really was into something like this but probably its not posible.

Anyway its just a person, she makes mistakes, probably thats the reason why almost all the other comunity manager we had just remain completly silence, because of things like this, if they just say a word or a phrase out of place the people here start crying, making multiple post and even start threatening and lighnting up their torches.


blue Bruce "too far gone"
Red Bruce

Read the thread again please.

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Blue Bruce or red Bruce still a out dated toon trust me I got 2 of both

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Oh Christ, if it’s a bound weapon irrelevant toon for 2nd…

You’re the messenger. So, please understand that this isn’t truly aimed at you, however, there’s truly no thought nor any respect given to the players that play this game with these horrible rewards.

I think I can honestly say for the first time that I am going to go to my faction, who has been #1 in our region for the past 8 months and tell everyone to not even bother going all out for this. This is how you view us, the ones that’s invested time and money into your game, well, this is how we are going to respond. We may only be one faction, but you’ll still feel this when a chunk of change this weekend isn’t being spent.

You’ve broken players left and right for the past 2 months and you’re breaking more as I type this. I feel like this has been a waste of 2 years that I’ve invested into this game for it to come down to where it is now. You, Scopely, don’t respect your loyal players. That’s the best way I can say it. I’m completely disgusted that I’ve spent my time and money into this game. I hope you all are proud in what you’ve produced the last few months.