When is the new Update coming for IOS? :3

Just a little curious… When does the 9.3 Update release for IOS? :blush:
One of my faction mates who is using an Android told me that she apparently already has it… however it hasnt appeared in the appstore on ios yet :S

Please excuse my english, its not my primary language :S

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If she is in beta she has an android beta is not available to iOS players

Ohhh ok thanks for the help! :joy:

She’s probably just messing with me then… god damm it :joy:

Give that nice persom a hug mane.

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It’s coming after they post all the odds on loot bags/crates/boxes, or scraps them entirely.


Early next week is the current target. We deployed the fix for Pixel devices to Beta yesterday and letting them sit through the weekend.


Are you sure this isn’t the problem? https://gamerant.com/apple-nintendo-square-enix-block-loot-box/


So are we gonna get a blitz war or nah?

Or prizes similar to a war?

Ohh ok Thanks! :3

Found out that she was a beta player… xD

I almost wonder if people started messaging apple and asking why there isn’t an update for ios. If they could tell us.

So scopley shutdown an entire war event due to a Google phone?

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What was wrong with the pixels used in wars previously? It seemed to work fine for me, just curious as to why it needed changing?

There was a bug that caused Pixel devices to crash when a user not on a Pixel tried to declare war or start a faction assault. The war was cancelled because combat changes in 9.3 would cause a competitive imbalance between users on 9.2 and 9.3 and we could not resolve the Pixel issue in time to have the build released and force updated in time for war.


Thank you very much for the explanation. Much appreciated

Guess yall werent down to give us actual rewards for this SR tourney.

Rewards aren’t something I can influence unfortunately. Kindly return to your castle and wait for Uhtred to save your Kingdom again.

Ha ha ha. How about you show us the new token wheels then?

You don’t like to wait huh?