When is the last time we had a f2p event?

Seriously scamly get so arrogant and start treating us like garbage again, they did like 4 p2p events in a row with no options of using coins or grind? It should always be an option for grind or coin use, where is pc? What is wrong with this game?


The Dual Specialist Michonne event was F2P. This gear “event” is F2P. Sure there is a paid aspect to the gear “event” that will let you run the yellow maps more often but you still get gear for free grinding. Yeah it’s not the gear we want but you don’t have to pay a cent to take part in it.

As a whole their events since Pathways has been :fire::poop:


Gear event isn’t f2p and michonne was ages ago

Seems like I’ve gotten a lot of free gear for doing next to nothing but grinding shrug


There tons of easy ways to obtain 3* gears that event just made it hard to obtain them, unless u opened the legendary map which u have to pay 4


I got a lot of gear for free grinding in a gear event, seems about right, didn’t need to spend. But they missed the mark big time on this event. Legendary gear should have been the main focus and easier to obtained.

Michelle event was 100% f2p. You only needed to grind on events for museum itens and have a solid roster to play the roadmap

Issue with the Michonne event is that she is losing viability in big steps every 2 weeks, like the majority of 6 stars. Although she does have an incredibly powerful attack for a 6 star and will definitely make my Green team once I’ve maxed Chris and Zeke. Still, doesn’t bring any excitement like Pathways did despite her being significantly better than any Pathways toon - although we all know pathways was about the trainers.

I really hope if they do a christmas event it will be good, and not doo doo like the past few ones.

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