When is the Hordes event?

We still need at least one, preferably two Hordes events before the end of Pathways. We are down to 17 days now and not a word. I have contacted “support” three times and have been given three equally vague answers, NONE of which actually answered the question. Can you PLEASE both schedule and put the Hordes event(s) on the calendar so we can do the other event (Pathways) that you yourself have concocted? I know it seems obvious, but we can’t finish the one without the other…


It’ll most likely be at the end.


its easy if you think, the last day will be horde, just few hours so the last reward was imposible without pay


They scheduled ONE 24 hour Hordes for Wednesday the 24th. I hope that is enough time to get in 132 battles…

If you buy the cans in the league store today, they will respawn before the event so that you can buy them again. That will be 4 refills to play with on top of any you already have.
I agree - it’s absolutely bonkers to only have one 24 hour hordes event with pathways being on, I hope the above helps though.

I am with you Clifton. I have actually been buying them every chance I get, so in case test battles don’t work then I should have enough between the free energy and cans (with a little lost sleep). They have certainly made this challenging, especially with one 24 hour Hordes event and no war for those not in ToC, but the rewards are worth the grind. I won’t need trainers for months…

Lol yeah the rewards are definitely great, no joke there. I’m the same, I buy them up whenever I can as I do really like hordes, so by the time it rolls around I should have 14 cans. That should be enough I think.

14 cans x 6 = 84 battles. If you can use your free energy when possible I agree its doable. I also like Hordes , but am in the minority in my faction. Its is fun/different and I have always got good rewards. I think a lot of people don’t like it as it is a MUCH different strategy when playing as zombies, and the luck factor for cards can make things difficult. Ah well, I guess folks don’t like a challenge

Yeah it’s definitely down to the starting cards. I’m on holiday atm and will be next week so I’m fortunate in that I’ll be able to use all my free energy minus sleeping. It’ll be tough for many though. 125coins for each 2 refills if needed.

Walker hordes is on the 24, 7 days before the event ends. The way I worked out the math you’ll need to run the 3rd map of stage 1 of the broken Lucille map at least 7 times to get enough collection items to obtain Piper. Good luck, it’s cut pretty close.

I’m thinking dueling yourself and fleeing will count towards the event missions. Will see when it arrives I guess.

They are definitely trying to put piper just barely behind a pay wall which is so dumb considering the toons that have been released lately

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In my opinion she’s just a copy of roxy with a better active.

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Just ask people to lower Def, I personally think it’s a bore fest but I know some do like it, (sorry whole game is boring to me nowadays struggling to keep playing) :hugs:

Yeah something that may be getting overlooked is hordes gives us 100 broken Lucile’s. If we are to use them to run Act 1 stage 3 say 4 times to pick up some extra masks & bandages then that will require 4 days since it can only be ran once per day. CANT afford to wait til last day


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Getting Piper for free while getting all those trainers seems like a good deal to me. I know they intentionally or unintentionally put up a lot of roadblocks to get all these rewards, but anything of value is worth working for. If you have been doing a decent grind every day you will get 128 “basil/burt” bags (that is all I have got from them so far) and 8 supreme crates. The problem is people aren’t patient enough and want everything immediately. I am sure to get three crossbones if I can maximize bats from Hordes, but it will take another week.

Personally, not going for p
Pipper. She is fin and all, but I find the bags and crates more useful. I would rather have that Negan and keep him a 5* for hemmorage. I am probably going to skip the Gov as I have 2 already. I am baffled by they promote Alpha as the “better” of the toons, but make bats the hardest item to achieve.

Yes but the alpha roadmap is way more challenging than any of the others. Maybe they gave extra masks because of this

Hoards and those not in TOC war battles will be the biggest hurdles to overcome. I’m in a faction right now that did pretty good in AOW placement. But it was AOW and most regions can’t support it. So 30,000 war battles is real steep milestone to achieve. Such stupid on goals.


Thekrayze: again, you can have both. You can get all the crates from getting 8 crossbones, but you will also automatically get Piper. Its NOT one OR the other, it’s one AND the other