When is the final level up where Platinum Medals for the museum will be available as rewards?

@JB.Scopely Please let us know when the final level up offering platinum medals will be so that we may plan for it. The same question was asked during the previous event but i don’t recall us ever getting an answer.

There are currently 11 days and some change left in the collection, but we know that Scopely tends to “end” them 24 hours earlier, with the remainder of that time left to cash in your items. 10 days from today is Saturday, February 2nd, per the calendar, a solo level up is scheduled to end that same day (running concurrent with CRW), will this be the final solo lvl up with platinum medals offered as rewards? Thanks in advance for your help as this will allow people to plan out where they need to place in the remaining tournaments.

edit: any update on this @JB.Scopely


Somewhere between now a 11 days.

Fun fact. They typically stop offering famrables 24 hrs in advance of the museum collection ending.

Just saying. Might be a clue.

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Yeah i said that in my post that you seem to not have read, i’m just trying to get a confirmation.


You take how much time it has left and subtract a day.

Fun fact 2. Scopely sometimes f*ck about with items and logic, just to keep players on their toes. See communication stating test tubes top 18th Jan yet continued to be available beyond this.

This is a legit question which really shouldn’t be so hard to answer accurately. Not that we’ll get an answer…


He tends to do that all the time by ignoring the actual point and then responds with a snarky comment.

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If it’s Eric you are going for, just get him from acendance or depot.

Let’s write that down in our handy dandy notebook

Yeah i’m going for the other two for this reason.

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