When is the elite gear map


I need elite gear. Im so low on everything :frowning: make it happen scopely.


Im totally stocked on ultra gear :).
If i realised it would be so long between elite gear maps i woulda farmed it even more than i did.


Elite gear was 2 weeks ago and is likely again on Monday. Better than it used to be.


We just had the walkie / bag roadmap so it should be next. Not sure when though :confused: Will message you if I hear about one.


Please can we have a wlite gear map so need wooly hats and jackets. I did farm the last one but the drop rate on hats and jackets is a joke tbh. Would really help me hit these silly milestones. Got lots of 5 star at tier 2 and 4 stars at tier 3. Can’t pragress :frowning: