When is the beta update 9.0 out?


I can’t wait! I have beta so I wanted to know lol




Don’t you guys have a google group you can chat in about this? I could have swore.

Edit: Really, I could have swore that anyone part of BETA has a google group where they can talk to developers and others about what is happening, and if you claim to have BETA then wouldn’t your question about this be better asked there?


Yep. There we get our answers… Not here




From the patch notes thread, could someone explain this:

Fixed an issue where Guardian shield could prevent negative status effects gained without taking damage

Is this reverting the buff that Guardian got a few weeks ago that prevented negative effects? Or am I misreading it?


Yes, it was implemented a while ago no more confuse or debuf if your character has a guardian shield


Barring any issues it should be out in a few hours. Let us know what you think!


5* marrabelle stuns currently goes through the guardian shield as it doesn’t do any damage. Does this mean that her stuns no longer will work on a toon with a Guardian shield on?


Honestly havent a clue, but pryia doesnt damage the others she would additionally confuse and they dont get confused by it with shield


No its not undoing it.


This is something @CombatDevIl can answer, should mirabelles 5* ar be going through guardian shields?


No, Mirabelle 5* stills bypass shield. What as fixed was the issue like Priya and Shiva (When you have damage 1 fighter and give status to 2+). We had an issue that if a non-target had a shield it would prevent the effect and keep the shield. We fixed that.

Guardian nerfed

Awesome thanks for the clarification


Just for clarification, how come it doesn’t prevent the effect but clear the shield, as it would do if damage was being done as well? That seems like an odd valuation to place on effects that are done without accompanying damage?


No, after this fix, ARs like Priya’s, if a non-target is affected by a status effect (Confuse in Priya’s case), the shielded fighter will be confused and keep its shield. Notice this rule applies for the AR’s additional targets.


That was my interpretation based on your prior comments. Although I’m still not sure why guardian blocking status effects makes any sort of sense. If

Seems it should block status or not block status. Not be some hodge podge based on whether or not damage is done, but whatever. If it’s a bit more consistent that’s at least a small step forward.


it was designer decision, I just coded :slight_smile: , btw I saw you other post, I will answer tomorrow, after testing Carl.


Haha yeah i get that.

Cool thanks.


Just got the beta update for 9.0