When is the best not the best or vice versa?!


I heard first place is the new second :stuck_out_tongue:


Your point is… what exactly? Please elaborate. :thinking:

Generally speaking, calling something “the best” implies that you can measure something on at least an ordinal, one-dimensional scale.

The prowess of a player/faction however is a multi-dimensional value (consisting of the characters of the team(s), their mod-setup, weapons, the players tactics, experience, knowledge etc…), so every attempt to integrate these things into an one-dimensional value (like prestige or team rank) is bound to be flawed anyway. That’s a general problem of rankings in games (and elsewhere).


I’m just holding the microphone dude! :upside_down_face:


You’s Trollin!


Well it’s all a matter of interpretation! Serious point, riddling or thought provoking are less offensive words to my ears! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To answer the riddle…

When a handicap gets placed on one group which fails to allow fair competition to determine the outcome


I like this.But Just so some of you know Money is the best $$$$


I’m not sure if the discussion is you guys or Colbert stuff, because Colbert region.


Timing :wink:

That’s when we got passed for the stretch

Though it’s a fair point cause illumare did lead for most of war. Wish they’d have held on but it was sure to be a tense foot race lol.


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