When is it a good time to spin?

i finally saved up enough coins for one-time 40 spin, are the current wheels worth spinning? i know i most likely will get crap anyways, but still, i would prefer get crap from good wheels.


It’s completely random


what happened to those “stash” ? where you opened all, and guaranteed to get a decent toon?

I’d spin for best attacker but I’d do 10s in your case and pray for luck.

Best choice is to do 10 pulls. That way if you get a good character on the first or 2nd 10, you don’t have to watch 4 stars pop out on your others, and instead try your luck on a different wheel.

Best time to do a 40 pull is when you’re comfortable getting 40 4*. Not being sceptical, but it’s a lot of coins and there’s a chance you won’t even get a 5*. Only pull if you’re happy with the worst outcome


I have a magical hour, but if I give it away it’ll break the juju. Sorry.

Side note, it only works if I’m in the shower when I pull.

You are guaranteed one 5* every 40 pulls, so that’s false. You have to be comfortable getting 39 4s. In actuality, I usually get one to three 5s per 40, but only half of the time are they ascendable. Getting the premier always takes at least 120 pulls for me, but I’ve gone 400 pulls before getting a premier before.

That being said, I’ve gotten two 6*s from my daily SC pull including Louis and double shotty Konrad!


Wait for alice or diego to pop up in a wheel, they are game changers


Ja, I meant an ascendable 5*/6*, which is 1/50. My bad. I prefer single pulls anyway lol.

Edit: Although looking at that shiny premier, 5* Christa sure does feel like a 4*!

The temptation to pull the trigger is big!! hold of for a game changer to be in the loot boxs also updates to then is due soon (unless I’m wrong so I’d hold of for that too) hope for the best but be ready for the worse bud good luck

Pull for alice
Sorry i responded to you i realized you answered in another post the question i had.

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Wait for Alice!!!


so, basically… i’m pretty destined to get crap…

well, good to know. thanks guys.

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Where does it say guaranteed 5* on 40 pulls?

Wait for a wheel with good odds. They do come along every so often.

Jesus. I don’t know. It was a big announcement like a year ago and has never changed. Every ACCUMULATED 40 pulls, even if it’s over time, will get one 5*

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I’d wait for a Tobin/Alice or Amber wheel

They have double chances on the current wheel, but Martinez isn’t worth spending those hard saved coins on. You want to wait for Alice or Diego like someone said. Once I got Diego, I beat the best of the best… problem is they beat you too just much faster.

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I’d only spend on attack toons, defense is non existent in this game

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