When is FA EVENT?

I dont know how to tag the forum guys in here like GR. If someone could do so in the comments below id appreicate it. Trying to inquire on when our promised the FA event that was supposed to be last month. They keep changi g when its goin to be.


Dont ask for stupid events(almost everyone asked for blitz war and look what happened)

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In earlier threads it went from being this year to next… so wouldn’t hold breath for it soon.

That’s as much info as got posted.

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Start time: Dec 32nd 2099
End time: Jan 37th 2199
Collection ends: Jan 30th 2299

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Confirmed by GR downthread.

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Thank you

When are we going to ever see the gold bar toons? When will we get to do a good blitz war? When will scopely ever get anything right? When are we going to get a week where things run smoothly? The answer is… Screenshot_2019-11-30-00-56-08-1

@DrJank has answered the question.

@GR.Scopely as far as I remember originally it was planned for “late November”, now its “early 2020”. That’s almost 2 months delay. So what happened?

Please, don’t ask “the team”. Use your own words, how do you understand it. Are a CM after all.

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