When is blitz starting today and tomorrow


Any heads up would be helpful thanks


10pm GMT


Thanks I guess I’ll get my necklaces and be done elite tokens really


It starts in like 11 hours?


I feel like a hamster running the wheel, the prizes never change.

Im sooooo bored


Couldn’t agree more… I had a glint of axcitement when they released the next ascension list… but unless they sort out the release rate which I seriously doubt they will. I doubt very much if I’ll see the last of this list in 2019.


That epitomise’s the whole game for me at the moment. Almost a year since the introduction of 6* and in that time it’s been rinse and repeat across all game modes.

May be time to get myself off of this wheel, not like the company give a sh!t they are killing the game anyway



Feel your pain Smasher!! That which should be easy to update and eliminate is being avoided to the detriment of all of us who’ve been around for so long.


A year lmfao ya try 6 months


9 months, August of last year.

Best part of a year


“snip” Mum always told me not to argue with idiots, they only beat you with superior experience


I wish i could be as much of an argumentative douchebag as you. Mum would be proud


I’ll give you that one, pretty fast and pretty funny (if i was 10 and still liked mum jokes :wink:)


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