WHEN is a post off topic....?


when is a post off topic and who decides? Scopely, bots or do we just flag something ourselves?

This is the general forum…it emcompasses everything?


I think general, as in generally relating to the game in some way, and Off topic doesn’t relate to the game.

You can decide yourself to post in off topic or a mod or admin can move it


Ok thanks mounykay…!!!


General should be all things related to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival while conversations that does not fit any other category can be placed in Off Topic.

And yes, @mountkay is right – we can move the topic if you’re unsure :smiley:


Well my last thread “WHERE is the love” is a real true life post about this games addiction and the dysfunctional measures taken to play the game. So by your own words dear moderator…“all things related to the game” deserves to be reinstated to general and not discarded to off topic oblivion…

Whoever made that decision was literally wrong and should probably study the rules indepth to avoid making this blunder again…?

I appreciate your honesty…!!