When is a Gold Mod not a Gold Mod?


When it is the 51st - 250th reward in the super amazing awesome fantastic new level up format!

The mods for that placement are showing as the fully gold mod box, not the mixed gold silver one, yet the odds of gold are 33.3%. Sort your shit out scopes.

Top 250 Changed to 33% 66% boxes

lol scopely u need to hire a quality assurance manager to do some qa, and get ur #### in order

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When it’s crits


Or someone to get rid of all these dumb post


It was like this one time before. The gold mod color but it wasn’t a guaranteed gold mod.


Since then tho they create the ones with silver lining so it wasnt falsely represented.

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Have you checked level up rewards…


Yes which is the point…this is false representation


Yes I know but I’m saying it’s happened before, isn’t that surprising that it happened again.


Lol yes I agree, I’m saying since they made that box for the reason of misrepresentation it’s even worse error because now people expect gold seeing the gold box after getting used to the silver lining.
1x I dont write a paragraph no one gets what I mean😂


“When is a Gold Mod not a Gold Mod?”

When they are trying to pull a fast one on us because no one would think to look at the details since we supposedly have a gold/silver box for when it’s supposed to be a chance at either or.

The level of their ineptitude knows no bounds. Show some pride in your work for a change it’s embarrassing.


It’s not a gold mod when the color isn’t gold.

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