When exactly does Michonne A, B and C rotate?

Anyone know the exact times? Michonne A roadmap is far superior in terms of rewards. Seems like it’d be better suited to run that instead of crap roadmap B and C.

Really? Im waiting for C, it has a territory and raid can. B was the worst imo. A seems to be a 3* and 4* trainer.

Not the same. Michonne A (middle entry) is actually 3 different roadmaps that rotate during the day.

Ah may be I missed it last night, It was closer to my sleep time so might have overlooked those rewards in C then.

Maybe when the 8 hr map resets, the next map pops up… So each one,A B C, runs 4 times

Oh, there’s a C? Slept through it i guess

That’d make sense. Let’s test it out it today I guess

it happened randomly to me yesterday shortly after 4pm pacific. went from b to c

Why are you even waiting? You can be running them all and gaining 10 balloons each time

Why would i waste my time playing every 2 hours? (big reason SR is my least fav event) Why would i use energy cans to complete the roadmaps every 2 hours? I will get Michonne all the same, everyone always wants to rush thru things like the Piper event, then they get all mad when they cant finish it in a day. I also will be waiting to get Michonne from the muesum, my Chris is maxed and my Zeke is t4 but i am saving him for a level up amoung other toons to win level up and get the s class items, waiting for cakes for Lao Po. Also another reason i am not stressing, Mich is a 6*, she is great tho, i would replace Chris with her but i will be going for Heng Yen instead as he is much better and an s class but atm i dont even use decaps on my teams, i use 100% heal reduction instead.

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Are we missing a map right now?

@JB.Scopely @Shawn.Scopely @LadyGeek


Yes I thought so too

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It should be two roadmaps I think… I was waiting for theese as well

Oops. Sorry… The third roadmap starts on 19th. Lol

Should be michonne A roadmap now.
Also Michonne X roadmap that supposed to be every 4 hours…well, wasn’t.
So what’s the catch?

Read it. Balloon and michonne start on the 15th (was 16th for me) and x starts on 19th (so on the 20th)

Y, saw that. Ty. Still no A roadmap.

Like when has scipley ever been able to keep to a schedule or run a single event without botching it up every step of the way. :laughing:

Why wouldn’t you is the question it’s stupid not to get as much s class collectibles as possible by pulling from the wheel if you think the top prize here is a 6* you must not play seriously