When Exactly Does Double Chances Promo End?


I know it’s on the 5th of November but what hour?






None of them will answer. Especially Combat Devil and Kalishane. It said around a month. That time is almost up.


I don’t think it should end at all.
It’s NOT like it makes a HUGE difference…
It’s almost like it IS the SAME odds…


Scopely should really keep this going at all time
I know it makes me wanna pull more whej the odds are better. Original odds seems more like throwing my money away


Original in game message says 5th November 2018 - 7.00 UTC


Maybe they will forget to end it like the atleast 4* in Premier ‘Event’. They also said it would end sooner or later. It luckily didn’t


double chances my ass, got worse pulls than before lol. 20 pulls and not even a 5 star epic? ha!


I’ve seen some much better pulls from faction mates.


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