When does the winter event start?

Any details you can give us? @kalishane @CombatDevIl


Kali, how about that 2017 Christmass Event Update you promised us? <3


Yeah @kalishane @CombatDevIl @TheWalkerDude any update on prizes,wheels,maps,tokens,release date etc?

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I’m pretty sure @kalishane said we could only get a 12 hour gear map because the event was going to take up roadmap space. An explanation would be good?

That was for the turkey event I believe

No it was definitely this latest map too. I recall her excitement at something new starting

Uh no,I felt the same way,until I realized her post was 2 weeks ago lol

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Gonna go searching lol

I was positive she made a fresh post for the gear map but alas I must just be an old dead brain, oh well she can still hopefully fill us in on this event. From her replies to other posts though we should be getting gear map today but she wasn’t sure which one

Sorry, I can only give update about combat bugs and talk about combat mechanics.


@CombatDevIl as you can only deal with combat stuff could you let us know if Shane is battling her way through traffic or if she is currently on the frontline but is hunkering down?


Come on, Combat. If you guys can’t tells us a bit about upcoming events, are you just going LET VK do your job for you all? =3

Sorry, I am just allowed to post about what I’m not allowed to talk about.

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My job is not regarding scheduling events, then I don’t know about them, so VK is not doing MY job. :slight_smile:


CDevil and cMan arent from scopely HQ so they do their designated jobs without delay

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Tell us how it’s possible VK is always one step ahead of you guys?? You have an Infiltrant??

We have somebody here willing to talk about bugs and help us out and he gets patronized for something completely different that isn’t his job? Why not take the opportunity to reach out about issues with glitches in game? I see plenty about bugs/glitches on here.


lol poor Lucas got owned


Maybe it is because Russia is UTC +3 and we’re UTC -8. j/k :stuck_out_tongue:


Messaged you with a bug buddy