When does the Surviver Club update get live

I read something about the Survivier club update… but it isnt live…

Can someone tell me more something about that update or when it should be live?

It was stated that it’s been released to Android but will take time to populate to all of the different stores, devices, etc and is currently out of Scopely’s hands. Or so we’re told.

So war was shortened for the update , but the update isn’t available. Typical…


I’m on iOS still no update war starts in 2 hours ??? Seriously am I gonna miss out on war because no update?

Why would u miss out?

Glitches. They have tried to run War when people were on different builds in the past. Doesn’t work. If iOS doesn’t get the update they will have to cancel war if previous experience is any indicator


War won’t run on two different builds

Don’t think android got it except for very few people, and they’ll be the ones locked out

I have android and got the update but survivors club isnt live yet, still says only available in beta

You got the update? Are you beta and it just went live for you or are you non beta and got an update? Just curious cause ive been locked out since day before yesterday with it trying to force an update but google not showing one

I use android and have no update in sight as well, wouldn’t be surprised if they called off war or if it’s bugged out


Or they could do the smart thing and hold off an update UNTIL AFTER WAR


Not sure how this works but I assume if they pushed the update to google and apple, its out of their hands now

So is there an update or nah

well im getting this, but google says that’s a lie so… :unamused::unamused:

The issue is this, apple gets it later cause of apples closed system, everyone on apple will get it the same time. Google tho has no standard like apple, all the different phones, different companies, different OS builds, etc. Google has issues rolling out core updates for Android OS cause of this, its open source. So Android gets it first cause depending on what service provider you have, what OS you are running, the model of your phone, etc is all different and has to be individually sent out. Its out of scopelys hands when they pass it off to google or apple, google then posts it but then its in the hands of your service provider as well as the things i listed and others not listed. One of the biggest drawbacks of Android but its the price that has to be payed for open source software

But some actually forethought would tell them to wait until Monday, and not delay war already once and leave it open for a potential issue.


that doesnt sound scopely-like :pancakes:

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Nope. They take off for the weekend and cross their fingers

If you know someone in beta you could try to get the updated apk from them. If it does work you’ll need them to give you the latest apks until the update goes live though

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