When does the player focus begin?

Just noticed the 9 members only collections. :slight_smile: I’m waiting for the fun part? You can do it!


The answer “Never” can be used as a response for every single one of our questions :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I find it atrocious they start on the SC.
First available path for them to make players spend.

Seems like they are deaf about players wanting more avenues other than pay you for enjoyment.

Scopley is a predatory company.


Should have been three years ago.

But I think I saw some words in the future promise post about 30 to 60 days something something…

So as long as they aren’t counting the 60 days like they count by the end of the day Mondays… I figure about three months.

Zero faith in Scopely.

Albert Wei with hollow words, now the most recent promise thread.

Prove me wrong Scopely.

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Pretty sure these sc events were planned a while ago to add more benefit to it

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I’m sure they did.

But hey some kept surviving.

They screwed the pooch by allowing this to fester.
SC should have had this ready to go after the second month of release.
Again prime example of developers dropping the ball on players faces.

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This post is my thoughts exactly. Why is the museum collection now a complicated maze of items that is geared only to SC players?

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Cause this was thrown together last second to keep revenue up so they dont have such a huge loss on the quarterly report and shareholders go crazy lol


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