When does the Harvest event end?

As usual details are off.

It says 12/8 Thursday.

When 12/8 is a Sunday?
This Sunday to be exact.

Yet you’re selling leaves like crack…but why buy so many if it ends on Sunday?

Or does it go to Thursday?

Or is neither date right?

@GR.Scopely thanks in advance, an answer ASAP would be amazing.


According to this when the wheel and mission ends.

@GR.Scopely The correct answer is Sunday 12/8 5pm PDT. I have updated the forum post with this info.


Too slow @GR.Scopely :sunglasses:

So it end on the 8th of December 2019

What will happen to the left over green orange leafs etc ?

Thanks @GR.Scopely you the man!

They go to the same black hole as the plushies


Each individual leaf converts into 25,000 coins!

But only if you claim it within the first 3 minutes.

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