When does faction lvl up start?

Anyone know when faction lvl up starts today?

When Scopley starts to give better rewards to their players.


in one hour


Yes one eastern time I believe they start

That’s when we should start participating again. Sitting this one out just like the last one and I won’t even have to put up 200k since there are no badges.

Who cares, have you seen the rewards?!?

Well I believe we’re under the 10-minute Mark so maybe things will change

War, war never changes.


I am totally baffled that all the information we ask about events on this forum still comes from vk… the only thing scopley gives us that is any help is the calander. It blows my mind that there are so many developers on the forum and yet pretty much every topic has no comments from any of them. We are back to being ignored i guess. So much for the player first attitude. Its really a damn shame.


Normally I would agree but in this game, it gets worse. :wink:

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Rewards like these are the reason i am not in a faction other than war anymore, imho these rewards are a waste of resources.

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