When do we get our promised coins?

It really shouldn’t be this hard for you guys to hand out the coins as it’s been over 12 hours I believe.


In b4 merge

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Merge me papa gr

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inb4 merge and locked

They can’t lock this if I’m the law.


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Answer looks like never. #players # united

Well, it’s an interesting story…

Poopley will give you your coins when it starts an event where they can take them off you straight away for very little reward. Oh wait, a Lilith or a 5 star pull. I do apologise where my coins poopley!!!

I’d like to hear this story.
Let me pull up a chair.

*inb4 GR.solely comes and yeets your chair

Then he’ll add me to his collection of players who ask to many questions.
Aka under his basement.

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Wow this player base. If I was scope I would just cancel giving them out entirely. Give the people something worth bitching over

Good thing you aren’t, so what you said doesn’t matter.

Troll force is strong with this one…

Nah, the troll is you.
Considering you said if you were in charge, you’d go back on a promise just to piss players off.

Yeah or maybe just you since it seems to be pretty easy :slight_smile:

I’m not mad at all.
Merely explaining to you my thoughts.

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