When do lori tokens drop? i didn't get mine today

didn’t get a lori token today, do they drop later than the day? weird for login rewards.

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Is been janky, I got 3 yesterday, they took one away, then gave two back


It gave me 3 yesterday, but each reward cancelled the other one, so now I’m stuck with a Brady instead of Basil

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Got 2 yesterday after the ‘reset’.
Didn’t get any today as well

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I received the 250 4* weapon tokens, it took the daily pull but I kept the tokens. I am at 2 pulls right now, didn’t get one today in either region

I’m at 2 and nothing popped for today so far

Same. 1 the first day, 2 the second day, none today

Got 2 after reset and nothing today.

Тоже получил сегодня компенсацию и 2 жетона, но счётчик остался 1/28. Обманщики, я не успею получить Лори 6 звезд в музее.

Pulled one, reset, pulled another, reset, pulled a third, no token today. This event is frustrating to say the least. Screenshot_20180502-081004

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And I have 3. So random.

They reset at midnight UTC. It was in the announcement

If thats the case then I am missing my token for today, as are others in this thread.

@kalishane @SandySurvivor
Any sort of response about the missing token would really be appreciated. Some of us have 0 or 1 yet others still have 2 or 3.

Losing faith that the company can ever do anything at all even remotely correctly


Still have not received one.

mine poped up about 8pm est

This system Messed up. My map seemed to reset several times and still no daily token. Pop up says resets at mid night. Does that mean we are all now a day behind?

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nobody knows lol

Got mine in the evening MST.

No idea how I’ve got 4, didn’t get one today either