When do League milestones reset?

Quick question, when is the final opportunity to get league trophies for milestones?

Are the final events with league trophy rewards this week, or will there be trophy rewards during the cooldown period too?

I’m at 680k with just the current SR and AOW to go during this week so can’t make 800K this week, but if there are trophies given for rewards during the cool down week, I might make it and will try to place better in leagues. If not, I’ll just save my coins for the warm-up period.


What cool down week? When season 1 ended we went straight into season 2 qualifier week which counted towards season 2. Was a cooldown week announced?


They’re talking about the home stretch week, which could be taken as a cool down week

The milestones reset at the end of the week

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We are in the home stretch week. He’s asking about week after this.

But that is correct. This is the last week of this season and milestones reset at the end of it.

He may be confused because at the start of season 2 during its qualifying week they kept the season 1 toons in the store which might have made some people think that it didn’t count as season 2 yet and was a cool down period.


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